Zhang Ming

1961 Age: 59 years old
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Zhang Ming (Chinese: 章明) was born in Chongqing in 1961. He is an established director and writer, and a professor in the Department of Directing at Beijing Film Academy. He finished his debut In Expectation in 1996, which premiered at the Berlinale. It won prizes at various international film festivals including Pusan, Vancouver, and Torino. In 2001, he directed the film Weekend Plot , which was invited to screen at festivals in Tokyo, Pusan, Berlin, and Rotterdam, among others. His subsequent films include Before Born (2005), The Father (2006), The Bride (2008), Folk Songs Singing(2011), China Affair (2013) and The Pluto Moment (2018). He is regarded as one of the Sixth Generation of Chinese directors, alongside Jia Zhangke and Lou Ye.
{"year":1961,"medium":"Jun 4, 1961","full":"Sunday, June 4, 1961"}
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