Yumi Saito

1984 Age: 35 years old
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Anne Midori, also known as Yumi Saito is a pornographic actress and erotic model, modeling career began at age thirteen. Starred in the pornographic film Stories of a Geisha in 2006 by producer Brasileirinhas, with which she signed an exclusive contract. Before her career in porn industry, she was stripper and call girl in a Nightclub called Real Privê of Goiânia. When she went to São Paulo, served in an open channel SBT, by the former No Control program. In the year 2010 was a member of the musical group "As apimentadas" In the group, Anne Midori used the name of Sayuri. Due to her drug problems, the failure of her relationships, devastated, tried to kill herself twice. In 2010, the actress announced that it would stop making porn films for becoming evangelical. However, in 2011, she returned to films with Actor "Kid Bengala".
September 11, 1984, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
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