William Tannen

1942 Age: 77 years old
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Born and raised in New York City, William "Bill" Tannen graduated from Boston University and pursued a career in advertising. He created the famous "Girl Watchers" campaign for Diet Pepsi in 1967, which won four Clio Awards, and then created his own company, Sunday Productions, to produce TV commercials. Tannen moved to Los Angeles in 1972 and continued to direct commercials all over the world, garnering five more Clios in the process. Tannen directed his first feature film, "Flashpoint," in 1984, and went on to direct numerous films, TV series and music videos, the latter including the Commodore's "Night Shift" in 1985, which won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Video. Tannen has also taught director's workshops at the EICAR International Film School in Paris, France.
{"year":1942,"medium":"Aug 31, 1942","full":"Monday, August 31, 1942"}
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