Valentina Titova

1942 Age: 79 years old
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Valentina Titova is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. In 1964, she graduated from the studio of Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater in Leningrad. In 1970-1992 she was an actress of the National Film Actors' Theatre in Moscow. Her film debut was an episodic role in the 1963 drama All Remains to People by Georgy Natanson. In her graduation year, Valentina Titova played her first major film role in the drama The Blizzard (1964) directed by Vladimir Basov, based on the story of the same name by Alexander Pushkin. In 1968 she got a role in the popular movie The Shield and the Sword, which brought her more recognition. Titova's other famous roles were in the films The Dangerous Turn (1972), The Days of the Turbins (1976), Father Sergius (1978), Petrovka, 38 (1979), Carnival (1981), Professor Dowell's Testament (1984), It is not Recommended to Offend Women (2000)
{"year":1942,"medium":"Feb 6, 1942","full":"Friday, February 6, 1942"}
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