Tu Duu-chih

1955 Age: 65 years old
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Tu Duu-chih (Chinese: 杜篤之, Born in 1955 in Taipei), Tu was trained in 1973 as a sound engineer in the Film Technicians Training Program conducted by Central Motion Pictures Corporation. In 1978 he was hired by CMPC as assistant sound engineer, thus began his career in film and has been responsible for the sound recording, editing and mixing of many of the ‘Taiwanese New Wave’ works. He has been one of the leading sound technicians in the Taiwan film industry since the 1980s, and was instrumental in the sound engineering for the filmmakers of the "Taiwan New Wave." He has been involved in the majority of Taiwanese films that have garnered international critical acclaim. He worked for HOU Hsiao-Hsien(侯孝賢) in "City of Sadness,"(悲情城市) "The Puppetmaster,"(戲夢人生) "Good Men, Good Women,"(好男好女) "Flowers of Shanghai,"(海上花) "Millennium Mambo," and “Kohi Jikou”(咖啡時光). His works for Edward YANG include "That Day, On the Beach," (海灘的一天) "Taipei Story," (青梅竹馬) "The Terrorizer," (恐怖份子) "A Brighter Summer Day," (牿嶺街少年殺人事件) "A Confusion, Confusion," (獨立時代) "Mahjong," (麻將) and "A One and a Two." (一一) His other important works include "A Borrowed Life," (多桑directed by WU Nien-Jen吳念真) "The Peach Blossom Land," (暗戀桃花源 directed by Stan LAI賴聲川) "In the Mood for Love," (花樣年華directed by WONG Kar Wai王家衛) and "What Time is it There?" (你那邊幾點directed by TSAI Ming-Liang蔡明亮). Tu received the Prix du Jury a Un Technicien for "Millennium Mambo" and "What Time is it There?" at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001.
{"year":1955,"medium":"Apr 5, 1955","full":"Tuesday, April 5, 1955"}
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