Talaat Zakaria

1960 — 2019 Age: 58 years old
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Tal’at is an Egyptian comedy actor who was born in Alexandria. Among his most important works was “Haha wa Tuffaha” (“Haha and the Apple”) which saw him work with Yasmine ‘Abd Al ‘Azeez and Hassan Housni. The actor also took part in the film “Sayyid al-‘Attafee” with Tamer Housni and the film “Ew’a Wishak” with Ahmed ‘Eid and Ahmed Rezk. Thereafter he worked on one of his most important projects, “Tabakh al-Raees” (The President’s Chef), in his first independent lead. In September 2007, Tal’at Zakkariyah suffered an inflammation in a blood vessel in his brain and fell into a coma. However he later recovered and “Tabakh al-Raees” achieved good returns. Among his most important leads which saw him being awarded prizes was the film “al-Sayyid Abou al-‘Araby Wissil” (“Mr. Abou al-‘Araby has Arrived”). Tal’at collaborated with Hani Ramzi and Wahid Youssif on that work. Another film of his was “Abou ‘Ali”, a work which saw him collaborate with Kareem ‘Abd Al ‘Azeez and Mona Zaki. The actor also presented a film titled “Qissat al-Hayy al-Sha’bee” (“The Tale of the Lower Income Neighborhood”) but it was not up to the high standards which audiences were used to.
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