Texas Trail Brad
Forlorn River Henchman Bill Hall
Drums of Destiny Jenkins
The Frame-Up Franey Forrester
Battle of Greed Henchman Bates
Old Louisiana Flint
The Devil's Saddle Legion Sheriff Duke Gorman
The Luck of Roaring Camp Blaney
The Old Barn Dance Henchman Buck
Prairie Moon Henchman Hartley
The Lone Ranger Henchman Taggart
Dick Tracy Returns Trigger Stark
Female Fugitive Henchman Burke
Adventure in Sahara Ladoux
Texas Stampede Zack Avery
Heroes in Blue Blackie
Undercover Agent Pussyfoot - Henchman
Range War Stokey
The Man from Tumbleweeds Powder Kilgore
Colorado Fred - Henchman
Hi-Yo Silver Black Taggart
Thundering Frontier Ed Filmore
Midnight Limited Jake Pringle
Dark Command Guerrilla
Hidden Gold Fleming
The Medico of Painted Springs Ed Gordon
Thunder Over the Prairie 'Ace' Hartley
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. Brownstone Heavy 1
Doomed Caravan Pete Gregg
The Return of Daniel Boone Leach Killgrain
Gauchos of El Dorado Monk Stevens (as Raphael Bennett)
Romance of the Rio Grande Henchman Carver
Robbers of the Range Sam Daggett
Lawless Plainsmen Seth McBride (as Raphael Bennett)
The Spoilers Clark
Call of the Canyon Nash
Prisoner of Japan Lieutenant Morgan
Cattle Stampede Stone
The Renegade Mayor Dave Hill
The Kansan Messenger
Death Rides the Plains Ben Gowdey
King of the Cowboys Garage Henchman
Dead or Alive Clint Yackey - Saloon Owner
The Drifter Simms
Marshal of Gunsmoke Percival Turkel 'Spike' Cassidy
Trail to Gunsight Henchman Bert Nelson
Raiders of the Border Harsh (as Raphael Bennett)
The Navajo Trail Slim Ramsey
Border Badmen Deputy Spencer (as Raphael Bennett)
Rustlers of the Badlands Henchman Blake
Gun Smoke Lucky Baker
Flame of the West Henchman Rocky (as Raphael Bennett)
Under Arizona Skies Crooked Gambler (as Raphael Bennett)
The Haunted Mine Old Hermit
Gun Town Nevada - Henchman
Heaven Only Knows Lawyer Creel
Canon City Willie Bennett
Northwest Stampede Barkis
Frontier Revenge Duce Rago
The Dalton Gang J. J. Gorman
Reign of Terror Robespierre's Shooter (uncredited)
State Department: File 649 Fur Trader
Ma and Pa Kettle Sam Rogers
White Heat Guard (uncredited)
Winchester '73 Charles Bender (uncredited)
The Thundering Trail Ed West
The Ghost of Crossbones Canyon The Sheriff
The Black Lash Deuce Rago
Man from the Black Hills Hugh Delaney (as Roy Bennett)
Waco Bull Clark
Untamed Frontier Sheriff Brogan
The Redhead from Wyoming Wade Burrows
The Great Sioux Uprising Sgt. Manners
Powder River Richards
Lovers Lovers
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