Rahela Ferari

1911 — 1994 Age: 82 years old
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Rahela Ferari was a Serbian actress.  ​She was born as the White Rohel Frajnd. Since 1930. to 1940. she worked in the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, since 1940. to 1941. the Art Theatre in Belgrade. During the World War II she did not play. Since 1945. to 1947. was again performed in Novi Sad. Since the establishment of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, 1947., she was the star of the theater. In Novi Sad played a major role in a variety of domestic and international repertoire. She was married to actor Aleksandar Stojkovic.
{"year":1911,"medium":"Aug 27, 1911","full":"Sunday, August 27, 1911"}
Saturday, February 12, 1994
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