Phyllis Crane

1914 — 1982 Age: 68 years old
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From Wikipedia Phyllis Crane (August 7, 1914 – October 12, 1982) was a Canadian-born American film actress. She appeared in over 45 films between 1928 and 1937. Crane signed with Columbia Pictures in 1934. Modern viewers will recognize Crane from her appearances in several early Three Stooges films, such as Three Little Pigskins, Uncivil Warriors, and Pop Goes the Easel. Perhaps her most famous role was as Professor Nichols' daughter in Hoi Polloi who Moe Howard tries to romance. While talking to him, she coos that he will find the "eternal spring" (the season). Crane died of esophageal cancer in New York City on October 12, 1982.
{"year":1914,"medium":"Aug 7, 1914","full":"Friday, August 7, 1914"}
Tuesday, October 12, 1982
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