Oh Ki-hwan

1967 Age: 52 years old
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OH majored in theatre and cinema at Hanyang University. Possessing an innate ability to recognize works that can find popularity and a strong command of his work, he has turned his first two films, his debut Last Present (2001) and 2005’s The Art of Seduction, into huge successes. He switched gears to direct the horror film Someone Behind You in 2007 and then took part in the omnibus feature Five Sense of Eros in 2009. He next took on his greatest challenge, by attempting to adapt his debut Last Present into A Wedding Invitation, a film made directly for the Chinese market. Using a mix of Korean and Chinese crew, the romantic film was a big hit on the mainland, proving a success story for CJ Entertainment, as they seek to gain in a foothold in the region. OH returned to Korea to work on his next film, Fashion King.
September 16, 1967
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