Mitsi Konstadara

1919 — 1985 Age: 66 years old
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Mitsi Konstadara was an actress who mostly played in second roles. She was the sister of the great actor Lambros Konstadaras. She studied at the Drama School of the National Theater, where she graduated with excellent performance and first appeared in 1945 at the First State Stage in the 'Arlezianna' play. Those years, there was a kind of theater, the famous 'Bouloukia'. Mitsi served this type with great success, but, for that, she disgruntled her family . In 1948, she participated in the Dimitriou-Skordouli-Kasisi troupe, touring Istanbul for about a year. For some time she left the theater for family reasons. In 1961, she returned to the theater, in Mairi Alkaiou - Vassilis Diamantopoulos' troupe. From 1964 and on, she began to play, both in theater and cinema, with her brother Labros. Playing in, about, 30 films together with Labros, she escaped from anonymity. In the 1970s, she collaborated with the National Theater in various works. The same time, she also made an independent career on television. When Labros died in 1985, Mitsi fell into a great depression. She probably died of a heart attack in her sleep, six months later. Although she had a marriage, she didn't have any children, but she had two nephews that she loved a lot, Labros' son Dimitris and Sissi, daughter of her sister Sasha.
Wednesday, January 1, 1919
Sunday, December 22, 1985
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