Mickey Knox

1921 — 2013 Age: 91 years old
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Mickey Knox was an American actor and good friend of Lee Strasburg. When the McCarthy hearings blacklisted Knox as a possible Communist sympathizer, he found his career in ruins and subsequently moved to Italy where he became central in their dubbing industry. He found work as a dialog director, dubber, producer, voice actor, and writer as he would often be charged with translating scripts for the numerous Italian films to be shot in English. Knox worked closely with other dubbing legends including Robert Rietty, Lewis E. Cianelli, Ted Rusoff, and Robert Spafford. Like them, he would continue to occasionally appear in front of the camera as well.
{"year":1921,"medium":"Dec 24, 1921","full":"Saturday, December 24, 1921"}
Friday, November 15, 2013
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