Max Keller

1951 Age: 68 years old
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Birth Name: Glenn Klinton Spilsbury Klinton Spilbury was born in Chihuahua in Mexico. After his only feature film, "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" in 1981, he travelled around Europe, and also did some modelling. Amazingly, considering that he is only known for the one film, he coached acting at the Herpolscheimer Academy in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Spilsbury, descended from Mormon settlers in Mexico, spent much of his childhood in Arizona, where his father was a football coach, first in the high school ranks and then at Arizona State Teachers College (now Northern Arizona University). After his father left Northern Arizona, the family returned to Mexico, settling in Colonia Juárez. The younger Spilsbury briefly attended Brigham Young University before moving to Hollywood to attempt to break into acting. Using the name Max Keller in 1979, he moved to New York City, where he did a few minor bit parts on a few daytime soaps.
March 4, 1951, Chihuahua, Mexico
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