Masumi Okada

1935 — 2006 Age: 70 years old
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Masumi Okada (岡田眞澄, Okada Masumi, September 22, 1935 – May 29, 2006) was a professional actor, singer, stand-up comedian, and film producer. Also known by his nickname, "Fanfan", he was born in Nice, France, to a Japanese father, Minoru Okada, who was an artist, and a Danish mother, Ingeborg Sevaldsen, who was the sister of Eline Eriksen, the model for the "Mermaid of Copenhagen" and wife of the statue's sculptor, Edvard Eriksen. Masumi Okada was the younger of two sons; his older brother, Taibi "Erick" Okada, was also an actor and presenter—known professionally as E. H. Eric, he was the emcee for the Beatles' 1966 concert in Tokyo.
Sunday, September 22, 1935, Nice, France
Monday, May 29, 2006
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