Mansha Pasha

1987 Age: 32 years old
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Mansha Pasha (born October 19, 1987) is a Pakistani actress and television presenter. She is known for her supporting roles in several critically and commercially successful television series, including Shehr-e-Zaat (2012), Madiha Maliha (2012), Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2013), Virasat (2013) and Mera Naam Yusuf Hai (2015). Her performance in the romantic series Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai (2013) proved to be a breakthrough for her, and earned her the Hum Award for Best Supporting Actress. She was also the director of Six-part series with Elaj Trust which tackles a topic of Post-partum depression.
October 19, 1987, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
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