King D. Gray

1886 — 1938 Age: 52 years old
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"The Los Angeles Times" front page stated: 'Hollywood Film Cameraman Found Slain in Automobile.' Gray had been shot in his car in front of the Hollywood post office on Wilcox Avenue. It is not known who shot or why they killed Gray. He was a hardworking man with a wife and two sons. In his hand was a letter from Pennsylvania with the heading "Dear Daddy," it is not known who wrote the letter and his family was at a loss to explain what it meant. The body had been slumped over in the car from eight to fifteen hours before anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary. Suicide was ruled out as there was no weapon to be found and robbery was also ruled out as a motive, as Gray's paycheck and some loose change was found in his clothing.
{"year":1886,"medium":"Mar 9, 1886","full":"Tuesday, March 9, 1886"}
Thursday, June 30, 1938
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