Keidrich Sellati

2001 Age: 19 years old
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Keidrich Sellati is an American child actor best known for his starring role as Henry Jennings in the period drama television series The Americans, since 2013. Born in Colorado, Sellati has been a New Yorker since 2009. He realised his passion for performing and within the span of a year had booked a commercial print ad for Scholastic Choice Magazine, voiced audiobooks for Random House including Hey, Duck!, Dig, Scoop, Kaboom!, Snipper the Early Rise and Giddy-Up, Daddy!, and landed a series regular role on The Americans. He loves reading, traveling and hanging out with his friends and family. He stays active playing hockey, snowboarding, practicing parkour, riding his bike and playing with his dog, Oscar.
{"year":2001,"medium":"Oct 22, 2001","full":"Monday, October 22, 2001"}
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