Julia Parton

1964 Age: 56 years old
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Born in Kentucky in 1964, Julia Parton entered the adult industry soon after becoming of legal age. She started out by appearing in nude pictorials in popular men's magazines before transitioning over to X-rated films at the age of just 19. In her adult debut, Pleasure Zone (1983), she was billed as "the incredible" Rachel Welles and wasn't involved in any of the sex scenes. That soon changed with her follow-up appearances in Golden Girls 6, Let's Talk Sex and Sex Games, where she was partnered with Kevin James twice and Mike Horner once. Apparently not enjoying having sex with men in front of the camera, Julia's subsequent appearances in adult films were either lesbian scenes or nude scenes in fetish / bondage films. She often used the aliases Nina Alexander and June Bauer for these movies. While all of the above was going on, no one knew who she was related to nor seemed to notice she was also pulling double duty in legitimate films and TV. She had small parts in Erotic Images (1983), The Rosebud Beach Hotel (1984), the cult classic Reform School Girls (1986) and other films and was also a frequent presence in the British soft core Electric Blue series. In addition, she popped up on TV shows like Diff'rent Strokes, Benson and Night Court. After a hiatus away from the adult industry, Julia returned in 1990, this time actively promoting herself as Dolly's cousin. She landed a few leads in B movies like Vice Academy 3 (1991) and Good Girls Don't (1993) during this time and rounded out her career in a few Cinemax soft core films. Her final appearance was in 2003. In addition to her film work, Julia attempted to launch Porn Radio ("the first adult radio station on the Internet") in 1998 and co-wrote an autobiography entitled Saving Jezebel in 2001. She hit the press to announce the latter and was quoted as saying "Dolly's made millions out of the size of her boobs. I'm just trying to make a career out of my body, too!" The book has yet to be published and Julia Parton faded from view soon after the announcement.
{"year":1964,"medium":"Jul 4, 1964","full":"Saturday, July 4, 1964"}
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