Julia Murat

1979 Age: 42 years old
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Graduated from the design school "Escola de Belas Artes - UFRJ", and at film school "Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro" as a screenwriter, Julia works in film since 1996. She has made short-films, experimental videos, commercials and the video-installation "Desvelar". "Dia dos Pais" is her first feature film. She also has a large experience working as an editor, assistant director, and camera assistant. Julia works on the limit between beaux arts and film. Julia has been working on the script of "Let the old dying ones give way to the new dying ones" since 2005. It was originally written during the screenwriting course at Darcy Ribeiro film school. The script was published in the "Caderno de Cinema", released by the school in the same year. In 2006 Julia went to Spain with Maria Clara Escobar, to develop the script in the "IV Curso de desarrollo de proyectos cinematográficos Iberoamericanos". They were supervised by José Carlos Avellar (Brazil) and Jorge Goldenberg (Argentina).
{"year":1979,"medium":"Jan 1, 1979","full":"Monday, January 1, 1979"}
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