Jösta Hagelbäck

1945 — 2009 Age: 64 years old
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Jösta Hagelbäck, born Nils Gösta Hagelbäck, was a Swedish film-director, writer, actor, poet, artist and musician. Studied the film directing program at the Dramatic Institute, Stockholm, in the 70's. Jösta Hagelbäck was considered an offbeat and gifted artist. An invitation to Hollywood took hom nowhere. But the feature film "Kejsaren/The Emperor" (1979) did. He directed a number of feature films, documentaries, music videos and television productions. The cinematographer Thomas Ljungqvist made in 2005 the award-winning documentary film about Jösta Hagelbäck called "Desperadon från Kolsva".
October 13, 1945, Kolsva, Västmanlands län, Sweden
October 23, 2009
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