Josh Byer

1977 Age: 42 years old
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Josh Byer is a writer, actor, and visual artist residing in Vancouver, Canada. His clients include 20th Century Fox, Armada Records, Brightlight Pictures, The Canadian University Press, CBC, Future Shop, Gutter, Interscope, Keystone Entertainment, McClelland & Stewart, MTV, NBC, New Line Cinema, The Ottawa Citizen, Simon Fraser University, Southam News, Sony Entertainment, Spinnin' Records, Staples, SyFy, USC, Victory Square Publications, and The Yale Record. A Journey Prize nominee, Byer is also a grant recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts. His work has won awards from the Montreal World Film Festival, the Northwestern Film Festival, the LEOs, and Kodak Canada.
May 31, 1977, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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