Jeremy Jordan

1973 Age: 46 years old
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Born in Indiana and educated at a Chicago arts school, Jordan first attracted attention and launched a thousand pin-ups when his video for "The Right Kind of Love" aired on Fox's popular teen series Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1992. Though the TV exposure powered his 1993 CD "Try My Love" to gold status, Jordan opted mainly for non-musical performing instead. After appearing in several TV films, including "Boys Will Be Boys" (1994) and "Twisted Desire" (1996), as well as in a bit part in Mike Figgis Oscar- winning drama "Leaving Las Vegas" (1995), Jordan bolstered his big- screen resume with a role in Gregg Araki's "Nowhere" (1997). The last film in Araki's "teen apocalypse trilogy", Nowhere enabled Jordan to play off his teen popster roots as a gay, drug-addicted musician in Los Angeles' youth underground.
{"year":1973,"medium":"Sep 19, 1973","full":"Wednesday, September 19, 1973"}
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