Jameson Thomas

1888 — 1939 Age: 50 years old
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jameson Thomas (born Thomas Roland Jameson; 24 March 1888 – 10 January 1939) was an English film actor. He appeared in 82 films between 1923 and 1939. In 1929 he starred in Piccadilly opposite Anna May Wong. At the time, Piccadilly was not well received, but has since been recognised as one of the best films of the late British silent era. Thomas moved to Hollywood, where he appeared in minor roles in various films until his death. He played "King" Westley, the fortune-hunting husband/fiancé of Claudette Colbert, in Frank Capra's comedy It Happened One Night.
{"year":1888,"medium":"Mar 24, 1888","full":"Saturday, March 24, 1888"}
Tuesday, January 10, 1939
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