James Deen

1986 Age: 34 years old
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Born Bryan Matthew Sevilla on February 7, 1986, in Pasadena, California, USA. At the age of 12, James was first called "James Deen" due to the way he smoked. As a teenager he listened to an interview with Jenna Jameson on the nationally syndicated radio program, "Loveline." When a male caller asked Jenna how he could become a porn star. she responded that he needed to be able to masturbate in a room full of 20 of his best friends. Taking this advice to heart, James began having sex at parties and Raves. He credits this exhibitionist behavior with helping him perform in front of the camera.
{"year":1986,"medium":"Feb 7, 1986","full":"Friday, February 7, 1986"}
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