Boarding House Blues
A Guy Named Joe Henderson
A Rainy Knight Peggy's Ex-Husband
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies Driver Seeking Car (uncredited)
Remember When?
Good Morning, Nurse Servant
Smith's Picnic Joe Smiley
Whispering Whiskers Train Chef
Smith's Uncle 1st Elderly Sucker
Smith's Fishing Trip Jake - the Handyman
Broke in China Military Officer
Smith's Pony Ship Maintenance Man
Smith's Cook Mr. Dunhill
His First Flame Man Who Jumps Out of Window (uncredited)
The Campus Carmen President
Smith's Army Life Inspecting Officer
Side Street Henchman Slim (uncredited)
Matchmaking Mamma Clifford Figfield
The Rodeo Mabel's Father, Jimmy's Father-in-Law
Tide of Empire Townsman
Half Way to Heaven Slim
The Saturday Night Kid McGonigle (uncredited)
Street of Chance Harry
Burning Up Yokel Driver
Branded Men Ramrod
Bad Girl Expectant Father (uncredited)
Alias the Bad Man Ned 'Repeater' Simpson
Scandal Sheet Reporter Kent
Big Business Girl Waiter (uncredited)
The Itching Hour Elmer
The Vice Squad Masher
The Match King Messenger with Bracelet (uncredited)
Central Park Oscar (uncredited)
The Big Timer Slim Dugan (uncredited)
This Is the Night Sparks
Madame Racketeer Gus, the Desk Clerk
High Hats and Low Brows Butler
If I Had a Million China Shop Salesman (uncredited)
Million Dollar Legs Secretary of War (uncredited)
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Bill - Barber (uncredited)
Union Depot Depot Hotel Waiter (uncredited)
The Big Broadcast Prisoner
Female Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Golden Harvest Rev. Dr. Simmons (uncredited)
He Learned About Women Stage Door Man
Ann Vickers Waiter (uncredited)
The Mind Reader Reporter (uncredited)
The Keyhole Grover - Brooks' Chauffeur (uncredited)
Sitting Pretty Dice Player (uncredited)
Lilly Turner Earle Yokum (uncredited)
Private Detective 62 Cab Driver
Central Airport Airport Weatherman
Double Harness Crab Counterman
Lady for a Day Pool Hall Dupe (uncredited)
Lawyer Man Court Guard (uncredited)
Sing, Bing, Sing Mr. Lake
File 113
By Your Leave Harry
It Happened One Night Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
The President Vanishes
Now I'll Tell Casino Attendant
The Hell Cat Regan
Broadway Bill Hamburger Stand Owner (uncredited)
House of Mystery Ned Pickens
Friends of Mr. Sweeney Hat Attendent
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen Joel Prentiss
The Pursuit of Happiness Bijah
No Ransom Heinie
You Belong to Me Stage Manager
The Gay Bride Weight-Guesser (uncredited)
Honor of the Range Townsman (uncredited)
George White's Scandals Hick (uncredited)
Hat, Coat and Glove Coat Salesman (uncredited)
Powdersmoke Range Gun Store Proprietor
Man of Iron Jake
Mary Jane's Pa Clerk Getting Tied Up
Diamond Jim Passenger
Goin' to Town Cowboy
The Glass Key Waiter (uncredited)
Murder on a Honeymoon Man with Pelican
I'll Love You Always Theater Manager (uncredited)
She Couldn't Take It Man at Toll Gate
Ship Cafe Slim
Two-Fisted Brick Briggs
It's a Small World Cal
Men Without Names Town Character
Manhattan Moon Lunch Man
Here Comes Cookie Thompson
Private Worlds McLean
Page Miss Glory Waiter (uncredited)
Redheads on Parade Entwhistle (uncredited)
Let's Make a Million Jerry
Petticoat Fever Carl
China Clipper Charlie - the Janitor (uncredited)
The Singing Kid Maine Driver (uncredited)
Lady Be Careful Happy
Love on a Bet Farmer on Hay Wagon
Murder with Pictures Det. Keogh
San Francisco Picnicker (uncredited)
Rhythm on the Range Rodeo Announcer
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Frank (uncredited)
Hopalong Cassidy Returns Peg Leg Holden
Earthworm Tractors Taxicab Driver
Valiant Is the Word for Carrie Drug Store Clerk
Hollywood Boulevard Gus - Trocadero Bartender
To Mary - with Love Chauffeur
Internes Can't Take Money Jeff
Exclusive Dr. Boomgarten
Marry the Girl Happy Elmer
Angel's Holiday Fingerprint Expert
Dangerous Number Detective
A Star Is Born Station Agent (uncredited)
Vogues of 1938 Curson - Accountant
Topper Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Big Business Mr. Kinney - Man with Toothache
Big City Jim Sloane
They Gave Him a Gun Tall Soldier (uncredited)
Big Town Girl Gas station attendant
True Confession Coroner
Midnight Intruder Evans
Racket Busters Counter Man (uncredited)
The Sisters Robert Forbes
You Can't Take It With You Henry - the Head Waiter (uncredited)
Professor Beware Painter
Exposed Crankpool
Give Me a Sailor The Druggist (uncredited)
Kentucky Moonshine Hotel clerk
The Mad Miss Manton Spangler, the Process Server (uncredited)
Blondie Mr. Beazley (uncredited)
There Goes My Heart Mr. Dobbs
The First Hundred Years Wilkins
The Chaser Harvey
Tip-Off Girls Sam
Hard to Get Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Tropic Holiday Sol Grunnion (uncredited)
The Cowboy and the Lady Chester - Smith's Secretary
Sing You Sinners Lecturer on Seals
Lucky Night Conductor
Big Town Czar Real Estate Man
The Gracie Allen Murder Case Hotel clerk
Blondie Takes a Vacation Mailman
News Is Made at Night Mike, Fingerprint Man
The Housekeeper's Daughter Woodbury
Too Busy to Work Gilligan
I Stole a Million Simpson (uncredited)
Indianapolis Speedway Fred Haskill
Hollywood Cavalcade Clerk
The Spirit of Culver Hotel Desk Clerk in Culver
Gone with the Wind Corporal
Torchy Runs for Mayor Hubert Ward
Nancy Drew... Reporter Tracy (uncredited)
Pack Up Your Troubles Soldier
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Patrol Sergeant at Italian Restaurant
Made for Each Other Newark Radio Operator
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Jailer
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Tad
Blondie Brings Up Baby Mailman
Rio 'Mushy'
Bachelor Mother Clerk at Exchange Window (uncredited)
Second Fiddle Harvey Vaughan
Tail Spin Storekeeper (uncredited)
At the Circus Telegraph Clerk (uncredited)
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence Sheriff Clem Diggers
Blondie Meets the Boss 1st Mailman (uncredited)
On Your Toes Second Stage Manager
They Made Me a Criminal Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
The Oklahoma Kid Hotel clerk
Blondie Has Servant Trouble Mailman
Blondie Plays Cupid Mailman
Dreaming Out Loud Wes Stillman
Broadway Melody of 1940 Orange Stand Counterman (uncredited)
Lillian Russell Soldier
Michael Shayne, Private Detective Fisherman
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet Becker
Love, Honor and Oh-Baby! Cabbie
Sailor's Lady Storekeeper
She Couldn't Say No Abner
Edison, the Man Sheriff
You Can't Fool Your Wife Lippincott
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Paul Gillis
The Doctor Takes a Wife Sam Appleby
The Return of Frank James Bystander
Brother Rat and a Baby Hospital Official
The Howards of Virginia Tom Norton
His Girl Friday Gus (uncredited)
Star Dust Hotel Desk Clerk
Gold Rush Maisie Harry Gilpin
Young People Otis
Blondie on a Budget Mailman
The Grapes of Wrath Driver
Blondie Goes Latin Mailman (uncredited)
Caught in the Draft Cogswell
The Wild Man of Borneo Carriage Driver
Ride on Vaquero Jailer Smoky
Accent on Love Smedley
It Started with Eve Raven
Blondie in Society Mailman
Our Wife Doorman (uncredited)
Back Street Ticket Seller
Remember the Day Cecil
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break The Soda Jerk
Western Union Barber
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Mr. Albert Merney
Four Mothers Cigar Store Proprietor (uncredited)
Tobacco Road Bank Teller
Henry Aldrich for President Mr. McCloskey
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance Projectionist
Meet John Doe Beany
Cadet Girl Train Conductor
Great Guns Postman
Lady in a Jam Motel Proprietor
Blondie's Blessed Event Mr. Crumb
Young America Bart Munson
They Died with Their Boots On Uniform Salesman (uncredited)
Between Us Girls Soda Jerk
The Spoilers Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Freckles Comes Home Constable Caleb Weaver
Footlight Serenade Stagehand
Thru Different Eyes Stu Johnson
Pardon My Sarong Gas Station Proprietor (uncredited)
Star Spangled Rhythm New England Farmer (uncredited)
Get Hep to Love Mr. Hardwicke
The Great Man's Lady Parson
Holiday Inn Gus
In Old Oklahoma Ben
A Stranger in Town Orin Todds
Dixie Dugan Mr. Kelly
Two Weeks to Live Omar Tennyson Gimpel
The Desperadoes Dan Walters - Bartender (uncredited)
Footlight Glamour Mr. Crumb
King of the Cowboys Alf Cluckus
So's Your Uncle Dempster
Top Man School Principal
Johnny Come Lately Chief of Police
Shadow of a Doubt Station Master
Hers to Hold Dr. Bacon
It's a Great Life Mailman
Action in the North Atlantic Bartender (uncredited)
Mister Big Jimmy, Malt Shop Proprietor
The Story of Dr. Wassell Missionary (uncredited)
Week-End Pass Sheriff Todd
Since You Went Away Bartender at Cocktail Lounge (uncredited)
Heavenly Days Tower, the Butler
Chip Off the Old Block Prof. Frost
Casanova Brown Hotel Manager
Her Primitive Man Track Man
Can't Help Singing Bath House Barber (uncredited)
Patrick the Great Mr. Merney
Week-End at the Waldorf Sam Skelly
Guest Wife Nosey Stationmaster
Spellbound Railway Gateman (uncredited)
Under Western Skies Sheriff James Whitcolm Wyatt
Star in the Night Mr. Dilson (uncredited)
Out of This World Irving Krunk
Night Train to Memphis Rainbow
The Thin Man Goes Home Tom
One Way to Love Train Conductor
Wake Up and Dream Toll Gate Attendant
Dear Ruth Delivery Man
Saddle Pals Thaddeus Bellweather
Monsieur Verdoux Pierre Couvais
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer Melvin
State of the Union Buck Swenson
Albuquerque Dave Walton
Good Sam Tramp
Words and Music Hollywood Realtor (uncredited)
Adventures in Silverado Jake Willis
Family Honeymoon Mr. Webb
Moonrise Judd Jenkins
The Velvet Touch Herbie
California's Golden Beginning
Dynamite Jake
The House Across the Street Jury Foreman
Sons of New Mexico Chris Dobbs
El Paso Stage Passenger (uncredited)
It's a Great Feeling RR Information Clerk
The Green Promise Julius Larkin
Manhandled Sgt. Fayle
John Loves Mary George Beachwood
The Big Cat Matt Cooper the Mailman
Dear Wife Mike Man
Riding High Hamburger Man
The Happy Years Mr. Conover
Mr. Music Benson - Jewelry Clerk (uncredited)
Never a Dull Moment Tunk Johnson (uncredited)
Emergency Wedding Filbert - Mechanic
Woman in Hiding Pops Link
Born to Be Bad Jewelry Salesman
Katie Did It Train Conductor
Here Comes the Groom Baines
Cause for Alarm! Mr. Carston, Postman
Desert of Lost Men Sheriff Skeeter Davis
Room for One More Mayor Michael J. Kane
O. Henry's Full House Ebeneezer Dorset (segment "The Ransom of Red Chief") (uncredited)
Devil's Canyon Prison Guard
Sweethearts on Parade Sheriff Doolittle
Fort Ti Sgt. Monday Wash
Kansas Pacific Casey
The Glenn Miller Story Mr. Miller
Black Horse Canyon Doc Spain
A Star Is Born Graves
Duffy of San Quentin Doc Sorin
At Gunpoint Al Ferguson
Run for Cover Scotty
Hidden Guns Doc Carter
Dakota Incident Tully Morgan
Fort Massacre Charlie
Ambush at Cimarron Pass Judge Stanfield
James Stewart's Wonderful Life (archive footage)
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