Gohar Kheyrandish

1954 Age: 65 years old
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Gohar Kheyrandish is an actress of the cinema, theater, and television, who was born in 1954 in Shiraz, Iran. Gohar Kheyrandish played in theater and shows since she was young. After completing her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Tehran, she played a role in "Days of Waiting" as her first movie. She received an Honorary Diploma of the Best First Role Actress for "Low Heights" by Ibrahim Hatami Kia from 20th Fajr Film Festival. She has also been featured in Mohammad Hossein Latifi's "Neighbor's" TV series and "Mive-ye Mamnooe", directed by Hassan Fathi. Her other activities in the cinema are Kamal Tabrizi's "Sheida", "Donya" by Manouchehr Masiri, "Gol-e yakh" by Kioumars Pour Ahmad and "Tambourine" by Parisa Bakhtavar.
{"year":1954,"medium":"Aug 21, 1954","full":"Saturday, August 21, 1954"}
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