Glenn Payne

1982 Age: 37 years old
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Glenn Payne is an award winning filmmaker, an award winning artist, and an improvisational actor. He lives in Blue Springs, Mississippi where he produces independent films with the abundance of local talent north Mississippi has to offer. Payne is also a thriving fine artist. He studied painting under Brent Funderburk at Mississippi State University and crafted his improvisational acting skills with his troupe West of Shake Rag, based in Tupelo, MS, as well as receiving training at Second City in Chicago, IL. He continues to exhibit his artwork through galleries, art events, and private collections around the world. The three art forms go hand in hand when one considers the concepts of composition, dramatic lighting, color, and story telling. Payne considers film the most influential art form our world has ever seen. It combines painting, music, dancing, performing, and writing to create the most powerful form of artistic expression known to man. Its epic ability to reach the masses gives the artist a means to influence millions upon millions of viewers. This is something no other form of expression can match. Although Payne continuously tries to find a balance between painting and film his overall goal is simply to continue to create.
October 3, 1982
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