Giorgos Arvanitis

1941 Age: 80 years old
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Giorgos (or Yorgos) Arvanitis (Greek: Γιώργος Αρβανίτης; born February 22, 1941) is a Greek cinematographer. Arvanitis was born in the village of Dilofo, Phthiotis, Greece. Having received an education as an electrician in the construction sector, he started working in the movies business in his early 20s, advancing from 2nd camera assistant to finally become a director of photography. Arvanitis has been an important figure in the Greek film industry, having worked on many films produced by Finos Films. In 1968, he worked on Theo Angelopoulos's first short film Εκπομπή (Broadcast). Since then, he has worked in every single one of Angelopoulos' movies, including award-winning Eternity and a Day[1] (Palme d'or, Cannes 1998), except for the very last trilogy he was shooting (Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow, The Dust of Time, The Other Sea). (Wikipedia)
{"year":1941,"medium":"Feb 22, 1941","full":"Saturday, February 22, 1941"}
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