George Irving

1874 — 1961 Age: 86 years old
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George Henry Irving (October 5, 1874 – September 11, 1961) was an American film actor and director. Irving started his career as a theatre actor. In 1914 he came to Hollywood and acted in over 250 films from 1914 until 1948. Irving was initially an actor-director and directed about 35 silent films. He switched exclusively to acting in the mid-1920s and became a character actor until the later 1940s. He usually played reputable and stern persons of authority in supporting roles. Irving is perhaps best known for his roles as Robert Wentworth in Coquette (1929), and as the lawyer Alexander Peabody in Bringing Up Baby (1938). George Irving ended his prolific career with television roles in the 1950s.
{"year":1874,"medium":"Oct 5, 1874","full":"Monday, October 5, 1874"}
Monday, September 11, 1961
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