Fuzzy Knight and His Little Piano
Night Parade Party Guest
Vanity Street Drunk (uncredited)
To the Last Man Jeff Morley
She Done Him Wrong Rag Time Kelly
This Day and Age Max
Her Bodyguard Danny Dare
Under the Tonto Rim Tex
Sunset Pass Willy Willard
I Hate Women Cookie Smith
Operator 13 Sweeney
The Last Round-Up Charles Bunko McGee
Night Alarm Dinner Club Comedian
Come on Marines Wimpy
She Had to Choose Wally
Music in the Air Nick
Moulin Rouge Eddie
The Old Homestead Lem
Danger Ahead Fred Klein
Top Flat Fuzzy, Patsy's friend
Trails of the Wild RCMP Windy Cameron
Bars of Hate Montague
The Murder Man 'Buck' Hawkins
Mary Burns, Fugitive Dance Hall Attendant
Wildcat Trooper Constable Pat O'Hearne - RCMP
Song of the Trail Pudge
Palm Springs Bit Part
Song of the Gringo Slim
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Tater
Sea Spoilers Hogan
Sunkist Stars at Palm Springs
With Love and Kisses Butch
And Sudden Death Steve Bartlett
The Gold Racket Scotty Summers
Amateur Crook Jape, the Gas-Station Attendant
Mountain Justice Clem Biggers
Flying Fists Spider
Courage of the West Hank Givens
County Fair Whitey
Quick Money Peter Piper Potter
Everybody's Doing It Softy's Henchman
Border Wolves Clem Barrett
Spawn of the North Lefty Jones
The Cowboy and the Lady Buzz
Where the West Begins Buzz, Jack's Sidekick
The Last Stand
Joy of Living Sideshow Pianist & Singer
Desperate Trails Cousin Willie Strong
Union Pacific Cookie
Oklahoma Frontier Frosty
Chip of the Flying U 'Weary'
The Oregon Trail Deadwood Hawkins
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Joe Bushberry
Pony Post Shorty
My Little Chickadee Cousin Zeb
Johnny Apollo Cellmate
Son of Roaring Dan Tick Belden
Boss of Bullion City Burt Pennypacker
West of Carson City Banjo
Brigham Young Pete
Bad Man from Red Butte Spud
Riders of Pasco Basin Luther
Law and Order Deadwood
Remember the Night Bandleader at Barn Dance (uncredited)
Fighting Bill Fargo Scoop
The Masked Rider Patches McQuilt
Law of the Range Chap
Rawhide Rangers Porky Blake
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Lem Fielding
Man from Montana Deputy Grubby
The Shepherd of the Hills Mr. Palestrom
New York Town Gus Nelson
Horror Island Stuff Oliver
Arizona Cyclone Muleshoe
The Cowboy and the Blonde Skeeter
Badlands of Dakota Hurricane Harry
The Old Chisholm Trail Alvin Pendergast aka Polario
Lady in a Jam Stuttering Cabbie
Apache Trail Juke
Little Joe, the Wrangler Little Joe Smith
Boss of Hangtown Mesa Dr. J. Wellington Dingle
Deep in the Heart of Texas 'Happy' T. Snodgrass
Juke Girl Ike Harper
Stagecoach Buckaroo Clem Clemmons
The Silver Bullet Wild Bill Jones
Arizona Trail Kansas
He's My Guy Sparks
Corvette K-225 Cricket
The Lone Star Trail Angus MacAngus
Cheyenne Roundup Cal Calkins
Raiders of San Joaquin Eustace Clairmont
Frontier Law Ramblin' Rufe Randel
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground Si Dugan
Riders of the Santa Fe Bullseye Johnson
The Great Alaskan Mystery 'Grit' Hartman
Trigger Trail Echo
Marshal of Gunsmoke Glowworm Johnson
Oklahoma Raiders Banjo Bonner
The Old Texas Trail H. Pinkerton 'Pinky' Pinkley
Boss of Boomtown Corporal Chatter-Box
Trail to Gunsight Horatius Van Sickle
Cowboy and the Senorita Fuzzy
Allergic to Love Charlie
Hi, Good Lookin'! Joe Smedley
The Singing Sheriff Fuzzy
Renegades of the Rio Grande Ranger Trigger Bidwell
Swing Out, Sister Clutch
Frontier Gal Fuzzy
Bad Men of the Border Mortimer P. Rockabye Jones
Song of the Sarong Pete McGillicutty
Frisco Sal Hallelujah
Code of the Lawless Bonanza Featherstone
Senorita from the West Rosebud
Beyond the Pecos Barnacle Pete Finnegan
Trail to Vengeance Hungry Huggins
Girl on the Spot Bim
Lawless Breed Tumbleweed
Movieland Magic
Gun Town Ivory
Gunman's Code Bosco O'Toole
Rustler's Round-Up Pinkerton J. 'Pinky' Pratt
The Egg and I Ed Miller, the Cabbie
Adventures of Gallant Bess Woody
Rimfire Porky Hodges
Feudin' Rhythm Horseshoe
Apache Chief Sergeant Nevada
West of the Brazos Judge Deacon
Colorado Ranger Deacon
Hills of Oklahoma Jiggs Endicott
Hostile Country Deacon Hall
Fast on the Draw Deacon
Crooked River Deacon
Marshal of Heldorado The Mayor
Stage to Blue River Texas
Skipalong Rosenbloom Sneaky Pete
Gold Raiders Sheriff
Nevada Badmen Texas
Wanted: Dead or Alive Texas - U. S. Marshal
Stagecoach Driver Texas McGillicudy
Canyon Raiders Texas Milburn
Lawless Cowboys Horace Greeley Smithers
The Gunman Blinkey
Rancho Notorious The Barber
Oklahoma Annie Larry
Night Raiders Tex
Fargo Tad Sloan
Kansas Territory Cap
Vigilante Terror Strummer Jones
Topeka Pop Harrison
The Naked Hills Pitch Man
The Notorious Mr. Monks Tom
I 10 del Texas (archive footage)
Waco Telegraph Operator
Hostile Guns Buck
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