The Great Gabbo Frank
A Woman's Man Walter Payson - Horseback Rider
Men in White Mac
Tomorrow's Children Dr. Brooks
Lazy River Officer
Madame X Mr. Edison
Headin' East Eric Ward
Navy Blue and Gold Lt. North
Come Across Special Agent Thomas
Smashing the Rackets Harry Spaulding
Convicted District Attorney
Fast Company Lt. James Flanner
The Spider's Web Jenkins (the butler)
Special Inspector Williams
Judge Hardy's Children J.J. Harper (uncredited)
The Crowd Roars Murray
Pacific Liner Ship's Officer
Fast and Loose Forbes
Wings of the Navy Officer of the Day
The House of Fear John Woodford
Mr. Moto in Danger Island Ship's Officer - Fight Referee
Second Fiddle Film Director
The Zero Hour Stewart Brewster
Forgotten Victory Mark Carleton
Smashing the Money Ring Gordon (uncredited)
Stronger Than Desire Mack Clark - Flagg's Investigator (uncredited)
The Mysterious Miss X Clarence Fredericks
Sabotage Joe Grayson
Jesse James Infantry Captain (uncredited)
Within the Law Inspector Burke
On Dress Parade Col. Wm. Duncan
Gallant Sons Hackberry
Edison, the Man Jordan
I Love You Again Herbert
Calling Philo Vance Philip Wrede
Deadwood Dick Dick Stanley, aka Deadwood Dick
Flight Command 1st Duty Officer
A Fugitive from Justice Lee Leslie
Island of Doomed Men Department of Justice Official
Charlie Chan in Panama Captain Lewis
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case Mr. Grayson, Patient losing Eye Sight
A Shot in the Dark Roger Armstrong
Melody Lane J. Roy Thomas
Mercy Island Clay Foster
The Night of January 16th Attorney Polk
Dead Men Tell Jed Thomasson
The Getaway James 'Jim' Duff (as Don Douglas)
Hold Back the Dawn Joe (uncredited)
Sleepers West
Cheers for Miss Bishop Delbert Thompson
Whistling in the Dark Deputy Commissioner O'Neill
Sergeant York Captain Tillman (uncredited)
Don't Talk FBI Agent Jack Sampson
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. Hendricks
On the Sunny Side Mr. George Andrews (as Don Douglas)
Tales of Manhattan 'Hen 'Henderson (Robinson sequence) (as Don Douglas)
He's My Guy Kirk (as Don Douglas)
Behind the Rising Sun O'Hara
Wintertime Jay Rogers (uncredited)
The More the Merrier FBI Agent Harding
Action in the North Atlantic Lieutenant-Commander (uncredited)
Heavenly Days Dr. George Gallup
Tall in the Saddle Harolday
The Falcon Out West Attorney Steven Hayden
Show Business Charlie Lucas (as Don Douglas)
Murder, My Sweet Police Lt. Randall
Grissly's Millions Ellison Hayes (as Don Douglas)
Club Havana Johnny Norton (as Don Douglas)
The Strange Mr. Gregory John Randall (as Don Douglas)
Tarzan and the Amazons Andres
A Royal Scandal Variatinsky (uncredited)
Tokyo Rose Timothy O'Brien (as Don Douglas)
Gilda Thomas Langford
The Truth About Murder Paul Marvin
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