Dennis Moore

1908 — 1964 Age: 56 years old
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Dennis Moore was an actor who specialized in western films and film serials. He began appearing in short subjects and low-budget feature films in the 1930s under the name "Denny Meadows," and enjoyed greater recognition and employment after he changed his professional name to Dennis Moore. His dark looks and solemn demeanor kept him working steadily as an all-purpose utility player, in both heroic and villainous roles. Moore became a familiar face in westerns but never became a major star. He did play leads or second leads in serials, and holds the distinction of appearing in the very last serials produced by Universal Pictures (in 1946) and Columbia Pictures (in 1956).
{"year":1908,"medium":"Jan 26, 1908","full":"Sunday, January 26, 1908"}
Sunday, March 1, 1964
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