Delos Jewkes

1895 — 1984 Age: 88 years old
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From New York Times Obituary, July 19, 1984: J. Delos Jewkes, a singer and actor who supplied the voice of God for Cecil B. De Mille's "Ten Commandments," died of a heart attack here Tuesday. He was 89 years old. Mr. Jewkes appeared in about 300 films, with Shirley Temple, John Wayne and others. He was featured in all of Jeanette MacDonald's and Nelson Eddy's films. He also appeared with Hoot Gibson and on the Orpheum-Keith Vaudeville Circuit. Mr. Jewkes started his singing career in 1925 with traveling opera and light opera companies. He sang in the bass section of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and with the Salt Lake Philharmonic Orchestra.
{"year":1895,"medium":"Oct 21, 1895","full":"Monday, October 21, 1895"}
Tuesday, July 17, 1984
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