Charles Judels

1882 — 1969 Age: 86 years old
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Charles Judels was born in Amsterdam on 17 August 1882. He starred on vaudeville in the early 1900s. His Broadway stage debut was in The Ziegfeld Follies of 1912. Judels appeared in more than 130 American comedy and drama movies and was an expert with dialects. That talent served him well throughout his career. His first film was a comedy, Old Dutch, in 1915. Judels is perhaps best remembered as the cheese store proprietor in Laurel & Hardy's 1938 film Swiss Miss. He also did extensive work as a voice actor in animated films, most notably as the voice of "Stromboli" in Disney's Pinocchio (1940). His final appearance on screen was as a Danite merchant in Samson and Delilah in 1949. Judels died in San Francisco, California on 14 February 1969.
{"year":1882,"medium":"Aug 17, 1882","full":"Thursday, August 17, 1882"}
Friday, February 14, 1969
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