Antonio Pietrangeli

1919 — 1968 Age: 49 years old
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Antonio Pietrangeli (born 19 January 1919 in Rome, died 12 July 1968 in Gaeta) was an Italian film director and screenwriter. Pietrangeli was a major practitioner of the Commedia all'italiana genre. He started writing film reviews for famous Italian cinema magazines such as Bianco e nero and Cinema. As a screenwriter, Pietrangeli's work included Ossessione directed byVisconti, Fabiola by Blasetti, Europa '51 by Rossellini, and La lupa by Lattuada. His directing debut was Il sole negli occhi (1953). Career highlights include Io la conoscevo bene (1965) and Adua e le compagne (1960). He drowned in the sea of Gaeta in 1968 while working on Come, quando, perché, which was completed by Valerio Zurlini. [wikipedia]
{"year":1919,"medium":"Jan 19, 1919","full":"Sunday, January 19, 1919"}
Friday, July 12, 1968
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