Homecoming Guest (uncredited)
College Humor Student
Sitting Pretty Girl at Window (uncredited)
Redheads on Parade Queen of Redheads (uncredited)
Music Is Magic Chorine
George White's 1935 Scandals Chorine (uncredited)
Bullets or Ballots Bank Secretary (uncredited)
Here Comes Carter Linda Warren
Love Begins at 20 Miss Perkins - Ramp's Secretary
China Clipper Secretary
King of Hockey Kathleen O'Rourke
Breakdowns of 1936 Herself
The Adventurous Blonde Grace Brown
She Loved a Fireman Girl at Dance
The Footloose Heiress Linda Pierson
Three Legionnaires Sonia
A Bride for Henry Sheila Curtis
Hoosier Schoolboy Mary Evans
The Devil's Saddle Legion Karan Ordley
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop Janice Alma Brownley
Guns of the Pecos Alice Burton
Escape by Night Linda Adams
Mystery House Gwen Kingery
Saleslady Mary Dakin Spencer
Romance Road Dawn MacDonald
Gang Bullets Patricia Wayne
Under the Big Top Penny
Legion of Lost Flyers Paula Wilson
Call a Messenger Frances O'Neill
Convict's Code Julie Warren
Should a Girl Marry? Margaret
Unexpected Father Beulah - showgirl
Black Friday Sunny Rogers
Ma! He's Making Eyes at Me Miss Lansdale
Argentine Nights LInda
Winners of the West Claire Hartford
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Lenore Case
Hot Steel Rita Martin
My Little Chickadee Miss Foster - Schoolteacher
The Green Hornet Leonore Case
Diamond Frontier Jeanne Krueger
The Invisible Woman Jean
Mutiny in the Arctic Gloria Adams
Man Made Monster June Lawrence
Meet the Chump Miss Burke
Appointment for Love Jennifer (uncredited)
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Madame Gorgeous
Road Agent Lola
The Secret Code Jean Ashley
The Mad Doctor of Market Street Mrs. William Saunders
The Mad Monster Lenora Cameron
Don Winslow of the Navy Misty Gaye
Sealed Lips Mrs. Fred (Mary) Morton
The Dawn Express Nancy Fielding
Stagecoach Buckaroo Nina Kincaid
Women in Bondage Deputy District Director
The Secret Code
The Trap Marcia
Traffic in Crime Ann Marlowe
Blondie's Holiday Bea Mason
The Hucksters Teletype Operator (uncredited)
The Spirit of West Point Mrs. Blaik
One Touch of Venus
An Innocent Affair Gladys
Armored Car Robbery Mrs. Marsha Phillips (uncredited)
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