On Patrol Crook
Step Forward The Police Officer
The Dare-Devil The Scenery Mover
Flip Flops The Girl's Father - the Barker
Nip and Tuck Peg-Legged Hobo / Iceman / Cop (uncredited)
Galloping Bungalows Fire Chief / Drunk Suitor
The Half-Back of Notre Dame Mr. Matter
Lizzies of the Field The Starter
The Hansom Cabman Judge B. Brief - Betty's Father / Insane Convict
The Hollywood Kid Studio Spy / Director / Actor
Shanghaied Lovers
Riders of the Purple Cows
Wall Street Blues H.L. Cary - the Boss
Picking Peaches Near-Sighted Shoe Customer
Black Oxfords Prison Batter / Rural Sheriff / Umpire
His New Mamma The Farmer Boy's Father
The Lion and the Souse Emil Raviola - Director
Bull and Sand King Lavorus of Bullomania / Professor Marsupp
Water Wagons Capt. Noah Barr
There He Goes The Mexican
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies Burbank Watts
A Sea Dog's Tale King Gumbo
Whispering Whiskers The Drifter's Pal
Fight Night Bearded Customer / Butler
Ice Cold Cocos Cuckoo Charlie
Smith's Uncle Uncle Dan Smith
Circus Today Slim Barnum
Smith's Fishing Trip Milt Bender - a Farmer
Smith's New Home House seller
The Pride of Pikeville Colonel Pepper
Smith's Candy Shop Everett Titus - Jimmy's Boss
Broke in China Ruth's Father
Smith's Customer Bookkeeper
His Unlucky Night Homer's Father-in-Law
Taxi for Two Jack Davis
Love at First Flight
Smith's Army Life Clarence
The Bargain Hunt Floorwalker
Ships of the Night Alec
Run, Girl, Run Trustee
The Golfers Ed Martin
Clunked on the Corner Bearded Customer
Matchmaking Mamma The Minister
The Bees' Buzz Andy - Peggy's father
The Rodeo Uncle Bill Cootie
The New Aunt Uncle Andy
The Bluffer Ed Martin
Bulls and Bears Ed Martin
Half Holiday Andy Martin
Ghost Parade Andy Martin
The Fainting Lover Uncle Ed Roberts
Speed in the Gay Nineties Ed Martin
Million Dollar Legs The Major-Domo
Shopping with Wifie Ed Martin
The Giddy Age Ed Martin
His Weak Moment
Dora's Dunking Doughnuts Andy
Artist's Muddles Andy 'Sunshine' Wilson
Half-Baked Relations
The Little Minister Wearyworld The Policeman
It's the Cats Andy Frisby
In the Dog House
Alimony Aches Andy Clyde
Hot Paprika Andy
Old Sawbones Old Doc Clyde
I'm a Father! Mr. Clyde
Annie Oakley James MacIvor
Romance in Manhattan Store Owner (uncredited)
It Always Happens Himself
Tramp Tramp Tramp Andy
Yellow Dust Silas 'Solitaire' Carter
Share the Wealth Andy MacClyde
Caught in the Act Andy
Two in a Crowd Jonesy
Red Lights Ahead Grandpa Hopkins
Love Comes to Mooneyville Sheriff Andy Clyde
Am I Having Fun! Andy
Mister Smarty Mr. Bowser
The Peppery Salt Andy Clyde aka Captain Andy
Stuck in the Sticks Sheriff Andy Clyde
My Little Feller
Gracie at the Bat Andy "Pop" Clyde
Lodge Night Andy Clyde
Knee Action Andy
He Done His Duty Sheriff Andy Clyde
Ankles Away Andy
Not Guilty Enough Andy
Home on the Rage Andy
Jump, Chump, Jump
The Old Raid Mule Old Man Clyde
The Soul of a Heel Andy Clyde
Andy Clyde Gets Spring Chicken Andy Clyde
All-American Blondes Andy
Swing, You Swingers!
Trouble Finds Andy Clyde Andy Clyde
Bad Lands Cluff
Boom Goes the Groom
Now It Can Be Sold
It's a Wonderful World 'Gimpy' Wilson
Boobs in the Woods Andy Clyde
Mr. Clyde Goes to Broadway Andy Clyde
Fireman, Save My Choo-Choo Andy Clyde
A Bundle of Bliss Andy Clyde
Money Squawks Andy
Abe Lincoln in Illinois Stage Driver
Cherokee Strip Tex Crawford
Three Men from Texas California Carlson
Outlaws of the Desert California Carlson
Doomed Caravan California Carlson
Pirates on Horseback California Carlson
In Old Colorado California Carlson
Host to a Ghost Andy
Secrets of the Wasteland California Carlson
The Watchman Takes a Wife Andy Clyde
Riders of the Timberline California Carlson
Lovable Trouble Andy Clyde
Twilight on the Trail California Carlson
Border Vigilantes California Carlson
Yankee Doodle Andy Andy Clyde
Wide Open Town California Carlson
Stick to Your Guns California Carlson
The Ring and the Belle Andy 'Pop' Clyde
Sappy Pappy Andy
All Work and No Pay Andy Clyde
This Above All Fireman
How Spry I Am Andy Clyde, Hotel Owner
Lost Canyon California Carlson
Undercover Man California Carlson
Sappy Birthday Andy 'Hole-in-One' Clyde
Farmer for a Day Andy Clyde
A Maid Made Mad Andy Clyde, owner of Women's Clothing Store
Hoppy Serves a Writ California Carlson
He Was Only Feudin' Andy Clyde
Riders of the Deadline California Carlson
False Colors California Carlson
Bar 20 California Carlson
The Leather Burners California Carlson
Wolf in Thief's Clothing Andy Clyde
Colt Comrades California Carlson
Border Patrol California Carlson
You Were Never Uglier Andy
Mystery Man California Carlson
Texas Masquerade California Carlson
His Tale is Told Andy
Forty Thieves California Carlson
Sundown Riders Andy
Gold is Where You Lose It Andy Clyde
Lumberjack California Carlson
Heather and Yon Andrew 'Andy' Clyde
Song of the Prairie Uncle Andy Tyler
A Miner Affair Andy Clyde
Spook to Me Andy Clyde
Two Local Yokels
The Blonde Stayed On Andy Clyde
The Green Years Saddler Boag
Fool's Gold California Carlson
The Devil's Playground California Carlson
Plainsman and the Lady Durango
Andy Plays Hookey Himself
You Can't Fool a Fool Andy Clyde
That Texas Jamboree Andy Warren
Throw a Saddle on a Star Pop Walker
Unexpected Guest California Carlson
Dangerous Venture California Carlson
The Marauders California Carlson
Two Jills and a Jack Andy
Wife to Spare Andy Clyde
Hoppy's Holiday California Carlson
Go Chase Yourself Professor Andy Clyde
The Dead Don't Dream California Carlson
False Paradise California Carlson
Silent Conflict California Carlson
Borrowed Trouble California Carlson
Strange Gamble California Carlson
Eight-Ball Andy Andy Clyde
Sinister Journey California Carlson
Crashing Thru Winks Winkle
Riders of the Dusk Winks Holliday
Sunk in the Sink Andy
Range Land Winks
Shadows of the West Winks Grayson
Haunted Trails Trigger Winks
Arizona Territory Marshal Luke Watson
Fence Riders Winks McGee
Silver Raiders J. Quincy Jones
Gunslingers Winks McGee
A Blunderful Time Andy
Outlaws of Texas U.S. Marshal Hungry Rogers
Marinated Mariner Captain Andy Clyde
Cherokee Uprising Deputy Marshal Jake Jones
Pleasure Treasure Andy Clyde
Blonde Atom Bomb Andy Clyde
Abilene Trail Sagebrush Charlie
The Slappiest Days of Our Lives (archive footage)
A Blissful Blunder Andy Clyde
Hooked and Rooked Andy
Pardon My Wrench Andy
Oh, Say Can You Sue Andy
Love's A-Poppin' Andy Clyde
Tooting Tooters Andy, "Andrew Beethoven Clyde"
Two April Fools Andy
Born in Freedom: The Story of Colonel Drake Uncle Billy Smith
Scratch Scratch Scratch Sheriff Andy Clyde
Carolina Cannonball Grandpa Rutherford Canova
One Spooky Night Andy
The Road to Denver Whipsaw Ellis
Andy Goes Wild Andy Clyde
Columbia Laff Hour (archive footage)
Pardon My Nightshirt Professor Clyde
The Golden Age of Comedy
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