Analía Gadé

1931 — 2019 Age: 87 years old
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Maria Esther Gorostiza Rodriguez, better known in the art world as Analia Gadé, was born in Cordoba, Argentina, on October 28, 1931. Daughter of the businessman Furrier and Spanish Theater writer Fermin Gorostiza, has a brother stage actor Carlos Gorostiza. Due to the divorce of his parents, Maria Esther was admitted to a religious school until the age of 15, where reaches the cinema after participating in a radio contest and changed its name for the Analia when he began his career as an artist. His film debut was in the late 1940s in La Rubia Mireya, where he worked next to Fernando Lamas. S was after appointment in the stars, where she met her first husband, the actor Juan Carlos Thorry who would be. After making a few movies in Argentina, Analia traveled to Spain where he settled and failed to gain success in film and theatre. This country plays honeymoon trip, girls blue, life ahead, Ana says Yes, Moon of summer and many other productions. At the beginning of the 1960s, he had the opportunity to present his own TV show, thanks to his talent and beauty that could not pass unnoticed by Europe. Other of his films are operation Embassy from 1963 and 1971 Black Story. It could appear in international productions such as Madame Sans-Gene where shared cr credits with Sophia Loren, in this film AnalIa was Bonaparte Carolina. The arrival of the d every 1970s worked for director Jos Maria Forqu in the eye of the storm, a film of intrigue by Jean Sorel, and also was in the mansion of the fog of 1972, a Spanish-Italian giallo. Later, in 1973 he performed at my tutor with the singer Joan Manuel Serrat, was with Arturo Fernandez the adulterer; and after the long holiday of 36 of the director Jaime Camino made. Analia took part in the erotic film love letters of a nun shot in 1978 by Jorge Grau, production which brought him some favorable criticism and other counter. In the early 1980s he decided to devote almost all his time working in plays, until he suffered in cerebral infarction in 1999 that forced him to take several months of rest. Recovered once he returned, in an adaptation of sweet bird of youth, a well-known work of Tennessee Williams.
{"year":1931,"medium":"Oct 28, 1931","full":"Wednesday, October 28, 1931"}
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