Alfredo Castro

1955 Age: 65 years old
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Alfredo Castro Gómez (Santiago, 19 de diciembre de 1955) is a Chilean actor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Acting from Universidad de Chile. Presently, he works as a theatre director, actor, pedagogue, playwright, and founder of Teatro La Memoria, a theatre company that marks a milestone in the history of contemporary Chilean theatre. In 2006, the company founded the Centro de Investigación Teatral (Center for Theatrical Investigation) and the Sala de Teatro: Teatro La Memoria (anintimate 100-seat playhouse). As an actor and screenwriter, Alfredo Castro Gómez has participated in several films by Chilean director Pablo Larraín. These have included: Fuga (2006), Tony Manero (2008), and Post Mortem (2010)
{"year":1955,"medium":"Dec 19, 1955","full":"Monday, December 19, 1955"}
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