AJ Bernardo

1999 Age: 20 years old
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Alvaro Lages Bernardo Jr. (AJ) was born on May 26th, 1999. He was raised in the small suburban town of Newington, Connecticut. Growing up AJ was fascinated with professional wrestling, it consumed most of his early and then teenage years. While attending an independent wrestling event in February 2014 he met local actor/producer, David Gere. David would later become somewhat of a mentor to him. AJ would use his connections in the wrestling world to help get David booked on local wrestling shows and in return David introduced him to the movie industry. In January 2015, AJ went to his first movie set, 'Blue Line'. The summer of 2015 is when AJ started his career in the movie industry. First working as a Production Assistant for the film 'The Getter'. AJ would go on to be an extra in several other films before landing his first speaking role as 'Cal' in the movie 'House Rules' in early 2016. AJ has several acting projects lined up throughout the summer and fall of 2019. Aside from his acting career AJ is a professional wrestler who trained under the guidance of the legendary Paul Roma. In August 2016 AJ would make his professional wrestling debut under the name of 'Zane Bernardo'. "Zane" he would later become one half of the tag team known as "inZanely Rude" with RJ Rude.
May 26, 1999, Newington, Connecticut
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