What's New About Love?

2h, 1m 2012
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Six friends meet every evening in a basement to make music. During the daytime, however, there are no rehearsals for what life brings us. Each endeavour leaves its mark. Rita left Ricardo, Rafael found her, but she still feels lost. Eduardo thought he no longer liked Maria, but after what he has done he cannot turn the clock back. João lacks the courage to breakup with his girlfriend and takes refuge in the song he is writing for Inês. Marco struggles to get another young man’s love, but he is under no illusions. Samuel believes in everlasting love but something is wrong because his friends haven’t heard from him for sometime. Inês, attempting to feel safe, likes to experiment and she's waiting to see how things go with João. With all this going on, how could the band not be falling apart...?
O Que Há de Novo no Amor? (2012) - Trailer Oficial (HD)
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