What a Sun

1h, 20m 1984
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Veronica is a high school student studying to be a glazier, although she dreams of being a theatre actress. The only thing that she finds joy in at school is the company of her friend, Klemen and writing the script for a theatre play in her spare time together with a retired actress whom she has befriended. Her parents find it difficult to understand her acting ambitions - or rather, they would probably find it difficult, if they would bother to take the time off their busy schedules to try. Nor does anyone else understand Veronica. When all her plans go awry, she ends up in a home for juvenile delinquents. When she is released into the custody of her parents again, she eludes their vigilant guard and runs away to the country, to Klemen. Only Klemen's father makes it abundantly clear to her when she gets there that Klemen will not stand by her side either. Veronica finds herself out on the street again, where everything is possible and the future is open to her...
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