We're No Angels

1h, 46m 1955
7.4star /10 118 votes
A strangler... A swindler... A safecracker... Yet you'll love them!
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Three convicts escape from prison on Devil's Island just before Christmas and arrive at a nearby French colonial town. They go to the store of the Ducotels, the only store that gives supplies on credit. They initially intend to take advantage of them but have a change of heart after they find the family is in financial troubles.
We're No Angels - 1955 - Official HD Movie Trailer - SanDiego.com
We're No Angels (1955) - Trailer
Joan Bennett sings "Sentimental Moments" in WE'RE NO ANGELS (1955)
We're No Angels (5/9) Movie CLIP - Don't Hurt the People You Love (1955) HD
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