Valery Kharlamov. Additional time

1h, 28m 2007
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This is the life story of the outstanding Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov. They say that sometimes people are able to foresee their death, then before their eyes in a short period of time all life passes, all the most significant moments, all the people dear to a person. The plot of the picture and the style of narration is very different from everything that has already been shot or written on this topic. Like an ordinary Russian guy who has a congenital heart disease and is an eternal target for the wit of his peers due to a speech impairment, he was able to become the Olympic champion twice, eight times the World Champion, become the legend of Russian hockey and a role model for several generations of professionals and amateur athletes ? What was behind all these, at what price was this achieved, and what price had to be paid subsequently?
Budget: $1.00
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