Tombs of the Blind Dead

1h, 41m 1972
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Who are these unholy savages who hunt out their victims by sound alone?
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In the thirteenth century, the region around the city of Berzano was ruled by a legion of Templar Knights, who sought eternal life through the ingestion of human blood. They terrorized the region by harvesting the land and committing human sacrifices. They eventually got imprisoned and executed, left hung out for the crows to peck out their eyes. In modern day Portugal, a group of people visits the abandoned city, which awakens the Templar's corpses, terrorizing the region again.
La Noche Del Terror Ciego (Tombs of the Blind Dead) (Amando de Ossorio, España, 1972) - Trailer
La Noche del Terror Ciego 1972 Tráiler
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