The Watchers: Beginning

1h, 26m 2015
5.4star /10 18 votes
The Young Will Change The World
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Night in the center of Moscow hit by a girl, she urgently needs complex operations. Her friend Kira finds the culprit, arrogant and cynical tycoon Sergei Polanski, who refuses to admit his guilt and help the injured. He does not care, he has everything under control. In desperation, Cyrus turned for help to the three guys sympathetic to her - bykovatomu Fede, arrogant, handsome Artem computer genius and his wife. Boys entered into between the Covenant - "help the girl punish the villain, and then decide who will become her boyfriend."
Budget: $1,500,000.00Revenue: $417,929.00
Неуловимые (Русский трейлер) 2015
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