The Vampire Doll

1h, 11m 1970
7.0star /10 61 votes
The curse of an undead beauty who has risen, weeping in her search for fresh blood...
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A young man travels out into the countryside to meet his fiance, Yuko. When he arrives at the secluded house he is told by her mother that she has died in a car accident. He spends the night at the house and hears some strange sounds at night, even seeing someone that looks just like his dead love. Later he sees Yuko outside the house and follows her to a grave with her name. Cut to some days later where the young mans sister is worried since she hasnt heard from him in some time. She persuades her boyfriend to take her to the house, but is told that he already left. For the sake of proper plot development she doesnt believe Yukos mother and fakes the car breaking down so that they can investigate what really happened.
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