The Price of Peace

1h, 43m 2003
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In 1984, with a coup d'état, President Floriano Peixoto closed down The National Congress, soon reinstated with co-religionaries in key positions. In the south of Brazil, the Maragatos revolutionaries would not come to terms with this. They rebelled and marched to Rio de Janeiro to join Admiral Saldanha's troops and depose the President in an episode known today as the Federalist Revolution. The rebels fought bloody battles with Floriano soldiers during the march. Idelfonso Corrêa is a quiet, reserved citizen of humble origin who becomes the Baron of Serro Azul. His mature demeanor makes him a choice for mediator between both groups. Midst negotiations and difficulties to safeguard the family and his protegés, the Baron expands his domains, starts a newspaper, a bank, and exports herva-mate. With the battle over, his form of address, Baron, becomes synonymous with traitors.
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