The Great Gilly Hopkins

1h, 39m 2015
7.3star /10 748 votes
Family is where you find it
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Wisecracking, gum-chewing 12-year-old Gilly is well known in the foster system. Totally unmanageable, she has stayed with more families than she can remember and has outwitted them all. After all, how can she settle down when her real mother, the beautiful and glamourous Courtney, might be out there waiting for her? When Gilly is sent to live with the Trotters, the weirdest family yet, she isn’t planning to stick around. But cheerful, affectionate Maime Trotter isn’t giving up on Gilly just yet...
Budget: $5,000,000.00
The Great Gilly Hopkins - International Trailer
GILLY HOPKINS - EINE WIE KEINE | Trailer | Deutsch | FSK 6
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