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The Edge of the World

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At the Moscow suburbs cemetery for thirty years, a shovel for a shovel, the grave friends Sasha and Yura work. The first is a former athlete who undermined his health at the beginning of his career. The second - in the past, a physicist-graduate student, a failed scientist, who in the 90s threw science for quick and solid earnings. They feel free, provide families and see the meaning of their existence in this. Yura helps a divorced daughter of one to raise a child. Sasha has an adult daughter, and a former athlete finds an outlet in coaching - teaches teen martial arts. Bogatyr Yura, who even in winter digs naked to the waist, hopes that he will have enough health for another ten years, he will just have time to put his granddaughter on his feet. Although the former physicist is already 63 years old.

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